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"karena tanpamu, aku tak bernyawa" VE

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Arang and The Magistrate Episode 5

It's on the internet already, subbed, segmented and ready to watch here lol. I'm so excited, want to watch it right now, but i still have something to do. Though it won't go anywhere right, so i'll keep my excitement inside and just finished my job first and then way to go to watch it and read the recap. Oh what a nice day.. 

Just for your information Arang and The Magistrate Episode 5 will reveal many secret (though it gave you a lot more things to ask) and the relationship between Arang and The Sado got much attention here. When i watched the raw video last night it gave me such a creepy thing and i was alone in my living room, door open, the dogs howling and barking. brrr... gave me a feeling something might be appeared in my living room too. lol. 

I just pasted the link above, hope you find it useful and sometimes later i will comeback to paste the recap link. 

And here is the recap link. Enjoy ;) 

Happy Thursday.. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A little about the First Drama Chapter characters

Siapakah soo hyun itu? Soo hyun, atau lengkapnya Kim Soo Hyun adalah dua bersaudara dari pasangan Kim han seol dan Na eun seuk. Dia mempunyai seorang kakak laki-laki bernama Kim Hyun Soo yang berusia enam tahun diatasnya, yaitu duapuluh delapan tahun. Keluarga soo hyun terpecah belah ketika dia masih kecil. Ayahnya kabur dengan wanita lain dan meninggalkan soo hyun dan kakaknya bersama ibunya disebuah rumah kontrakan kecil.

Malangnya setahun kemudian ibunya tewas karena kecelakaan yang menimpa bus yang ditumpanginya. Usia soo hyun waktu itu baru sepuluh tahun dan kakaknya enambelas tahun. Sejak itulah mereka hidup berdua. Kakaknya bekerja banting tulang menjadi kepala keluarga dan menyekolahkan soo hyun hingga dia tamat kuliah. Hingga kemudian kakaknya pergi bekerja diluar negeri untuk membuka cabang perusahaan tempatnya bekerja. Sudah dua tahun kakaknya disana dan hanya pulang ke Korea setahun sekali, belum jelas kapan dia akan pulang, tapi kemungkinan pada akhir tahun ini.

Hyun soo sangat protektif terhadap adiknya, dia sangat gigih, rajin dan memiliki tanggung jawab yang tinggi dan dia sudah menjadi seorang team leader diperusahaannya yang sekarang. Tidak akan heran apabila sepulangnya dari luar negeri dia akan diangkat menjadi wakil direktur. Ketika hyun soo akan berangkat ke luarnegeri, adiknya lah yang membujuknya agar mau mengejar cita-citanya dan tak usah mengkhawatirkan Soo hyun karena saat itu dia sudah mulai bekerja di perusahaan Heeyang.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Arang and The Magistrate - Korean Drama

Wow!!! What a wonderful drama. I super love it. It's aired at wednesday and thursday night in Korea, and I have to wait for minimum a day for somebody to recap it (Thanks to them). But now, there is a place where i can watch it just an hour after it's aired. That amazing, people put so much effort for it. To someone who doesn't understand Korean language like me, I'm very grateful. :D 

This drama already reach its fourth episode, and I can't wait for the next episode. Although in mind I have to feel bad, because I think the actors, actresses and all staffs who make the drama must be very tired to keep this drama on schedule. I pray for them that they will stay healthy and joyful so they can enjoy their works. 

here are some pictures, taken randomly from the drama ; 

foto taken from various sources

Friday, August 17, 2012






First Drama - Chapter 4

(WARNING: it may be not appropriate for all ages: +18, read for your own consent)

Ketika jam kerjanya telah selesai, Soo hyun pun beranjak ketempat pemberhentian bus namun langkahnya dihentikan oleh sebuah mobil yang menyuruhnya untuk masuk kedalam. 

Lee han tersenyum dibalik kemudi. “Naiklah, aku akan mengantarmu pulang” 

Didalam mobil Lee han berkata jam kerja Soo hyun sungguh lama, bagaimana mungkin sebuah perusahaan mempekerjakan pegawainya hingga begini. Soo hyun berkata bahwa dia bekerja lembur hari ini, karena biasanya dia pulang seperti biasa. Dia mengatakan dia sedang menangani sebuah proyek pengembangan bangunan untuk tempat bermain.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Poetry : Imbecile

the weather a little cloudy, bit water down poured from the sky, like it's crying shy. not enough to clean the dusty roof left from a year dry longing for rain to fall..

while outside in the backyard, the dogs eating their food slowly, whether they know that it's maybe no more food tomorrow if their owner earn no money from their struggling job, try to get some bucks..

care about out world gave you many things to think, while it has no effect to your life. Stay careless since it’s the only way to survive in the harsh of the world.

Empathize no more in the air.. people walk by even noticed others and left with a flat face down to the broken soil they try to mend..

Sympathy changes to monetary gain.. where found friend become enemies, brothers stabbed your back. Now world gone mad. Parents care their own happiness, lack of good sample for their descendant. Fighting young life in the fooling world….

Try to grab anything on sight, less brain less heart.. what left is annoying stare and grumbling of how life treated you bad while others judging everyday.. that what you always think…


Sunday, August 12, 2012

To My Mother by G.O.D

Very nice song and touching deep into your heart. The tittle is "To My Mother" by G.O.D (Groove Over Doses) Korean Grup Band

and here is the lyric and the romanization of it : 

eomeoni bogosipeoyo

eoryeoseobuteo urijibeun gananhaesseotgo
namdeur dahaneun oesig myeochbeon hanjeogi eobseotgo
ilteoe nagasin eomeoni jibe eopseumyeon
eonjena honjaseo kkeunhyeo meogeotdeon ramyeon
geureoda ramyeoni neomu jigyeoweosseo
masitneungeos jom meokjago daedeureosseosseo
geureoja eomeoninimeun majimothae kkeonaesin
sumgyeodusin bisanggeumeuro sikyeojusin
jajangmyeon hanae neomuna haengbokhaesseosseo
hajiman eomeonimeun waenji deusijir anhasseo
ameonimeun jajangmyeomi silhdago hasyeosseo
ameonimeun jajangmyeomi silhdago hasyeosseo

Have You Ever Visited BALI??

If you haven't, make sure you visit it once :D. no tall building like in big cities (since it's only allowed a maximum four stories building built on the island), many temples and ceremonies everyday. 

Bali Handicraft

In countryside you still able to see rice field and forest, although these days Bali already become a crowded place where all people try to gather here and test their luck to find a better life for the family (like happened in other big cities around the world). The beaches now open along the coast (almost) with great view and upgraded facilities (hotel, restaurant, parking lot and other services). 

The night live is situated in southpart of Bali (say it from Seminyak, Double six, Legian, Kuta Beach to Tuban and some in Sanur and Nusa Dua area). 

If you want to try its dishes, try go to Jimbaran where best fresh seafood restaurants sit along the Jimbaran coast. It's open daily. But if you want to find some local foods just go to any night market near your stay or simply tell your driver to go to Kreneng Market to find a lot of food stands of many local dishes of Bali and Indonesia. Just caution that maybe your digest is not match to the local dishes and afraid it will cause your belly upset. 

To find some jewellery (silver) or painting try go to Ubud, where many famous Silver Blacksmith known from there. And when you are in Ubud, don't forget to visit Sukawati Traditional Market, where you can buy many art product of Balinese artisan, carver or taylor. 

Once you reached Bali, it will not hard to find a tourist guide who will be happy to bring you to any tourist destination all over Bali. Just make sure you bring enough money with you and of course SUNBLOCK cream (since it's HOT here) :D lol (no wonder i have a brown burnt skin hee...)

First Drama Progress

I have already wrote the First Drama 'til now at the 6th Chapter. It is not that I'm stuck or lack of story. It just that a new drama idea appear in my head, and like usual.. after put some footprints, it left without say goodbye. The First Drama already have three chapters released so far, and after re-edit the fourth chapter I kind of embarrassed to release it soon. The story content is for adult, although it’s not as extreme as it first written (that I’ve re-edited already) So at least we could read it with an easy feeling and not disgusted with the storyline (I kind of laughing myself at this time and say “what’s drama without romantic story in it? It’s boring. Lol”). My bad, and I’m sorry for that.

So far, everything fine for me, and I thanks a lot to you who ever or still continue to visit my blog or the new comer ever to come here, I greet and welcome you, and hope you can stay comfort and find it cool to read myowndramastory, although the language maybe is the first issue that I must solved soon. My English is not that great to make a story with. I still mess with grammar and vocabulary etc.

And at last but not least, I wish you a good reading.
Shin Haido @2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

First Drama - Chapter 3

Soo hyun sedang mendorong troly belanjanya dan membeli sayur, buah-buahan, daging dan keperluan rumah tangga lain, ketika handphonenya berbunyi dengan nomber tak dikenal dilayarnya. 

“Hallo... Soo hyun disini” 

Terdengar suara yang berkata “Soo hyun-shi, kamu dimana? Aku Direktur Shin, aku ingin mengajakmu keluar untuk berterimakasih telah merepotkanmu semalam” 

Soo hyun pun berkata dia sedang berbelanja disupermarket dan mengatakan Direktur Shin tak usah repot-repot untuk mengajaknya keluar karena dia tidak perlu membalas kebaikan Soo hyun, Soo hyun hanya menolongnya karena dia merasa itu baik. Namun Direktur Shin memaksa dan dia pun menutup telphonenya yang dipandang Soo hyun dengan bingung, namun Soo hyun melupakannya dan melanjutkan memilih belanjaannya yang lain.

First Drama - Chapter 2

Siang itu sungguh hari yang sangat sibuk untuk Soo hyun, dia mendapat tugas untuk menghandle sebuah pameran bazar produk iklan perusahaan mereka yang terbaru di pameran industry tahunan di Seoul. 

Disana segala jenis perusahaan berskala besar ikut andil meramaikan pameran itu, dari perusahaan textile, real estate, automotif, hypermall, asuransi dan sebagainya. Soo hyun pun dengan cekatan melayani tamu yang mampir ke stand mereka dan menjelaskan tentang keunggulan produk terbaru mereka. 

Diantara tamu-tamu itu, ada seorang laki-laki yang menarik perhatian Soo hyun, karena sedari tadi dia hanya melihatnya dari kejauhan, namun ketika stand Soo hyun mulai sepi, laki-laki itu kemudian menghampirinya.

Friday, August 10, 2012

First Drama - Chapter 1

Hampir tengah malam saat Kim Soo Hyun keluar rumahnya untuk membuang sampah seperti yang biasa dia lakukan. Ketika itu dia mendengar suara tabrakan didekat rumahnya. Sebuah mobil menabrak tiang listrik dan pengemudinya pingsan. Soo Hyun perlahan-lahan mendekatinya dan memanggil-manggil dari luar 

“Ajusshi..ajusshi.. km tak apa-apa?” 

Namun pengemudi itu hanya bergeming sedikit, terlihat darah mengalir dipelipis dan turun ke pipinya. Orang yang dipanggil ajusshi itu hanya bergumam “tolong aku…”. 

Soo hyun pun menjadi panik dan mencari-cari handphonenya namun dia meninggalkannya dikamar. 

Karena malam yang sudah larut dan tak ada seorang pun yang bisa dia mintai pertolongan, Soo hyun pun membuka pintu mobil itu dan menolong si ajusshi keluar dan memapahnya ke rumahnya.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

why i started to write this blog

i started to write a drama story when i was in high school, i wrote some and let my friends to read it. most of them love it, although some criticize it. i only write story when i feel i have some ideas on my mind. many ideas come and go without even picturing its detail in my head. 

but when i don’t try to put it in a note it will disturb and annoy me and make my day gloomy. but when i started to write it down and take some break, they will slowly gone without a trash. what a mess they left for me. After some years watch korean dramas and movies that ignite my passion to write my own drama story again. when i was in high school, i used to write japanese drama. but now, despite many lack that i have and  minus knowledge of the korean lives it self, i will try my best to make this myowndramastory blog to be the best blog i ever have so far. 

wish me luck and got inspired to write a good drama story. thank you…