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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Arang and The Magistrate Episode 5

It's on the internet already, subbed, segmented and ready to watch here lol. I'm so excited, want to watch it right now, but i still have something to do. Though it won't go anywhere right, so i'll keep my excitement inside and just finished my job first and then way to go to watch it and read the recap. Oh what a nice day.. 

Just for your information Arang and The Magistrate Episode 5 will reveal many secret (though it gave you a lot more things to ask) and the relationship between Arang and The Sado got much attention here. When i watched the raw video last night it gave me such a creepy thing and i was alone in my living room, door open, the dogs howling and barking. brrr... gave me a feeling something might be appeared in my living room too. lol. 

I just pasted the link above, hope you find it useful and sometimes later i will comeback to paste the recap link. 

And here is the recap link. Enjoy ;) 

Happy Thursday.. 

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