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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Have You Ever Visited BALI??

If you haven't, make sure you visit it once :D. no tall building like in big cities (since it's only allowed a maximum four stories building built on the island), many temples and ceremonies everyday. 

Bali Handicraft

In countryside you still able to see rice field and forest, although these days Bali already become a crowded place where all people try to gather here and test their luck to find a better life for the family (like happened in other big cities around the world). The beaches now open along the coast (almost) with great view and upgraded facilities (hotel, restaurant, parking lot and other services). 

The night live is situated in southpart of Bali (say it from Seminyak, Double six, Legian, Kuta Beach to Tuban and some in Sanur and Nusa Dua area). 

If you want to try its dishes, try go to Jimbaran where best fresh seafood restaurants sit along the Jimbaran coast. It's open daily. But if you want to find some local foods just go to any night market near your stay or simply tell your driver to go to Kreneng Market to find a lot of food stands of many local dishes of Bali and Indonesia. Just caution that maybe your digest is not match to the local dishes and afraid it will cause your belly upset. 

To find some jewellery (silver) or painting try go to Ubud, where many famous Silver Blacksmith known from there. And when you are in Ubud, don't forget to visit Sukawati Traditional Market, where you can buy many art product of Balinese artisan, carver or taylor. 

Once you reached Bali, it will not hard to find a tourist guide who will be happy to bring you to any tourist destination all over Bali. Just make sure you bring enough money with you and of course SUNBLOCK cream (since it's HOT here) :D lol (no wonder i have a brown burnt skin hee...)

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