"Let's Cry And Laugh In The Name Of Drama. Here I Present Us The Drama From The Bottom Of My Heart. I Wish You An Enjoyment Journey Within The Drama-Story"

"karena tanpamu, aku tak bernyawa" VE

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Poetry : Imbecile

the weather a little cloudy, bit water down poured from the sky, like it's crying shy. not enough to clean the dusty roof left from a year dry longing for rain to fall..

while outside in the backyard, the dogs eating their food slowly, whether they know that it's maybe no more food tomorrow if their owner earn no money from their struggling job, try to get some bucks..

care about out world gave you many things to think, while it has no effect to your life. Stay careless since it’s the only way to survive in the harsh of the world.

Empathize no more in the air.. people walk by even noticed others and left with a flat face down to the broken soil they try to mend..

Sympathy changes to monetary gain.. where found friend become enemies, brothers stabbed your back. Now world gone mad. Parents care their own happiness, lack of good sample for their descendant. Fighting young life in the fooling world….

Try to grab anything on sight, less brain less heart.. what left is annoying stare and grumbling of how life treated you bad while others judging everyday.. that what you always think…


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