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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Arang and The Magistrate Episode 12

Why would i skip some episodes and write straight out about episode 12? that's indeed because i'm so attached to this very episode. where Saddo confesses his feeling toward Arang. muahahahahaha... (devil laugh) 

But to my sadness, Arang reject his confession :( and my heart bleeding when i see Saddo face fall in deep pain. Poor Saddo.. hikss... You can tell his heart by only seeing his face and expression. what a talented actor Lee Jun Ki is. 

Our Saddo already brave to confess his feeling and not in denial mode anymore. In the other hand, Joo wal also found himself fell for Arang. Will it be a triangle here when our male leads started to fight for Arang affection?? More romance to go thenn... lol... 

Here are some pictures in episode 12 Arang & The Magistrate.

Saddo confessing his feeling to Arang

an irony 
deep sigh Saddo

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