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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Please Stop, My Heart

Maybe no one notice but i will tell you, that my photo profile is using Yoon Kye Sang picture. Hee!!! Yes, i Like him. I wouldn't say I Love him, since my love only goes to my husband and kids (my fur kids). lol. 

On my searching for his videos on youtube, i found a music video where he become the model. The song is very nice, it's a perfect match with the MV. I always watch it over and over. 

Here it is, the song tittle is Stop, Heart by M.C. The Max and Yoon Kye Sang in the MV. :D 



  1. I <3 Yoon Kye Sang-ssi! He is an awesome actor and a talented singer. It's nice that he's out of the army and back in drama-land once more.

  2. hahaha,yes. i watch him in The greatest love too. though he got second lead there and kinda sad he got no girlfriend in the end. lol. and thank you NeeNee to come and leave your comment here. i really appreciate it. :)


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