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"karena tanpamu, aku tak bernyawa" VE

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Project

yesterday, i got an idea for my third story. I can't help it. it just happened to appear in my head. And i desperately want to put it in my work. So today, this early in the morning, i started to write it down on my macbook. 

i wrote ten pages already and the story still continue. i hope this time i will be able to finish it  until its ending. i just need to focus on it only. because when i put my focus also on other things, everything will ruin and the story will be gone. 

i'm so excited. but, the story is about a yaoi lover. i wonder if you know what yaoi is. this time i write based on Japanese story. I found it easier to make up the name rather than based on Korean. I have no idea how to make a Korean name yet. hahah. well, just want to share you with this happy moment. ;) 

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