"Let's Cry And Laugh In The Name Of Drama. Here I Present Us The Drama From The Bottom Of My Heart. I Wish You An Enjoyment Journey Within The Drama-Story"

"karena tanpamu, aku tak bernyawa" VE

Friday, November 30, 2012


can you believe it? 
that i already made my 100th post??? wow!! amazing. i were never been there. 

when i was open my first wordpress, they always courage me to make more post more post. but since they deleted my first ever wordpress, i'm getting rid of it. 

now, here i am. with my blogspot, finally i reach my 100th post. and i'm so damn happy that i made it. 

thanks to you who always give me the supports and courages to write. though i'm far from good, but still you there for me. 

within this day i get so many wishes and prayers. and i thank you all. 

words will never enough to describe how lucky i am to have friends like you all. 

thank you thank you thank you.. to anywhom who read this "my 101st post". 

best regard from me

Shin Haido


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