"Let's Cry And Laugh In The Name Of Drama. Here I Present Us The Drama From The Bottom Of My Heart. I Wish You An Enjoyment Journey Within The Drama-Story"

"karena tanpamu, aku tak bernyawa" VE

Saturday, November 17, 2012

*!@#$*%&* 90

i love rain.. as long as i'm in a shelter, protected from its cold windy water. sometimes in my life i imagine too many, live less of my reality. every day i'm wondering "what if" "i wish" "if i could"

i never satisfied with my self. sometime this life is not enough for me. i want to erase it all. i want to change it all. start from another zero, but look at my self, i live useless, never to the fullest. i give nothing yet for humanity, for my surrounding, for my self.

yet this soul only asking for its own relieve, never give comfort for other being.
in the end, i want to ask my self, why should i live today? why should i born some years ago? if me only born as one of those substitute so the human domination on earth happen, then it's worthless.

wake up in the morning, knowing that i will do exactly the same as tomorrow comes. will i able to live this life until end of the day? just like this? watching dramas, lit my imagination, like a stupid shallow people who has nothing to do?

when i'm busy, i have no time to think of this sh*t, i just let it flows with time. do what i need to do. live where life tell me to. just like this..

should i envy others when i thought they have better life than me?
should i laugh when others unfortunate than me?

because my life is just like this. nothing to envy. nothing to be pride. just like this...


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